Children's Ministry

Leader: Valeria Queen

Putting Our Children First


Bethany Christian Church prides itself when it comes to our children. The spiritual development of each child is critical to them, and us as a church community. Sis Valerie Queen heads our children in their spiritual education by exposing them to:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Reading & Studying The Bible
  • Group Discussions Centered Around The Bible and Specific Characters within it.
  • Memorizing Bible Verses
  • Teaching them To Give Testimonies
  • Play Reenactments Of The Bible
  • Teaches Them The 10 Commandments
  • Teaching Each Child To Recite 2 Blessing For Your Food & Bedtime Prayers


Sis. Valerie Queen, enjoys what she does and the children reap a great benefit from her teachings and spiritual training. We encourage you to bring your child to share and experience the blessing that they will receive. If you would like to donate to our youth or children's fund please visit our home page and donate. We would love to take our youth and children on a spiritual trip they will never forget to further their knowledge in the Lord.


God Bless You All!

Sis Valerie Queen

Children's Ministry Coordinator