Elders Ministry

Board Chairman: Franklin Gee

Ministry of Elders


The elders at Bethany Christian Church develop and promote the spiritual life of the Congregation. The elders of our church give thoughtful consideration to policies of the Church to insure they enhance the goals and purpose of the church as  a whole.

  • The elders of our church serve four key roles in regards to the Congregation.
  • They serve as an encourager for all,
  • The elders serve as a positive motivator, for the Congregation.
  • The elders serves as a mentor, and spiritual teacher, for the Congregation.

The elders of Bethany Christian Church serve as a shepherds, tending the flock, to the Congregation.  The elder ministry represents the true example of a servant. We strive hard in seeking GOD first in everything that we do. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via email. If you like more in formation about the elder as a servant, refer to the highlighted link below.


“Lord make me a servant” is the ultimate prayer of the elders.



Your Brother in Christ;

Franklin Gee

Chairman of The Elder Board